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menu">menu-title">本文目录menu-content">2017中英文感谢信面试后写给HR的中英文感谢信模板关于中英文拜访感谢信模板酒店感谢信中英文范文尊敬的xxx组织,我们是xx的爸爸妈妈,我们女儿xx经过笔试和面试,很荣幸地被xxx组织选中,于8月中旬去了美国明尼苏达州,作为交流学生,进入到美国的高中二年级学习。dear, we are the parents of yan han. it's a great honor for our daughter to be chosen by your organization after the test and interviewing. in the middle of august, , yan han went to minnesota, usa, as an exchange student of 11th grade.到美国两个多月来,我们的女儿xx受到了美国家庭无微不至的关怀。美国家庭的爸爸妈妈就像对待自己的亲生女儿一样照顾她。我的女儿就管他们叫美国的爸爸妈妈。在学习上,美国的爸爸妈妈帮她细心地选课,耐心地帮她提高英文的听说能力。having been in america for more than two months, our daughter, yan han, have gotten a good care from the sweetest families. the american family's father james and mother karen treat her just like their own daughters. my daughter calls james and karen “father” and “mother”. for studies, her american parents choose the curriculum carefully and make every effort to help her improve her english listening and speaking ability.在生活方面,饮食上详细考虑她是否能吃习惯,并告诉她像在自己家里一样的生活。当我们在和女儿视屏聊天时,经常看到xx的美国爸爸妈妈送夜宵来给她吃。for her life aspect, they take her eating custom into consideration, and tell her feel easy just like at her chinese home. when we chat with our daughter through on-line video, we often see that her american parents send some midnight snack for her.为了尽快熟悉美国,融入美国,美国的爸爸妈妈还帮助孩子加入了篮球队和越野长跑队,并带xx去游乐园和堪萨斯等地方游玩。美国爸爸妈妈还经常和我们女儿谈心,发现她有什么思想上、生活上、学习上的难题,及时帮她解决。in order to be familiar with the us as soon as possible, yan han joins the basketball team and the cross country long-distance running team under the help of american parents. and they accompanied yan han to some interesting places such as amusement park and kansas state, etc. american father and mother also often talk openly with our daughter. when finding some difficulties in study and life, they help her solve promptly.xx的美国妈妈甚至还专门将我们女儿在美国的各种活动情况用dv录了下来,她说等一年后我们再见到我们的女儿,一定会给我们一个大的惊喜,无论是在流利的英语方面还是在为人处世方面,都将有一个大的改变。我女儿说,她现在在的美国家庭,可以说是完美的了,她觉得非常幸福,也感到非常幸运。american mother has also specially recorded our daughter’s active situations in us with dv. she said that when we meet our daughter in china, we certainly will receive a big surprise that yan han makes a great progress not only in her english ability but also in socialist manner. my daughter said that living in the american family is perfect and she feels happy and lucky.xx的美国妈妈,还经常给我们发email跟我们沟通xx的生活和学习情况,每一封信都让我们很感动,让我们深切地感受到了美国人民博爱的胸怀。我们(xx的爸爸妈妈)也在美国留学获得了mba,这期间我们也得到了美国人民无私的全力的帮助,现在我们的女儿也得到了美国人民的无私的帮助,这使我们感到欠了美国人民一份很重的情意,我们从心里愿意中美两国人民成为很好的朋友,一生都愿为维护中美人民的友好事业做出我们的贡献来。american mother always send us e-mails to communicate with us about yan han’s life and study situations. the every e-mail moves us and we deeply feel the warm humanity from americans. we (yan han’s parents) also once studied in america and got mba degree in usa. at that time, we received the generous help from american people. and now, our daughter has gotten the same kind of help, which make us full of gratitude. we heartily hope that the sino-us people can become the very good friends, and we are willing to make our contribution to maintaining the sino-us people's friendly relationship.我们还要非常感谢xx的中学的各位老师,他们对我们的女儿格外的关心和照顾。我们的女儿在课堂上听不懂而反复提问时,他们会不厌其烦耐心地给予回答和解释。我们特别感谢教他数学美术、世界地理与文化、生物、希腊神话课的老师们,是他们巨大的耐心和帮助使我女儿度过了在美国最初阶段的,最难熬的适应期,现在她已[查看更多范文,请百度搜索第一范文网]经基本上能适应和听懂美国课堂上的教学内容了。我的女儿对美国老师的教学方式和方法也极其推崇,对老师的教学态度和教学水平也感到非常满意。她说老师都很喜欢她,她也很喜欢给她讲课的每一位老师。subtitle">面试后写给HR的中英文感谢信模板sub-info" id="sub2">2017中英文感谢信(2) | 返回目录  尊敬的人事部lisa:  lisa,您好!在此冒昧占用您几分钟。  我是武娜,来自xx外语外贸大学,14号上午8:50参加了贵公司的group assessment,我想面试者众多,您可能忘了我是谁了,呵呵,不知您有没有印象,那场有位面试者老蹲地上捡胸前名纸牌。  首先,我很感谢贵公司给我这次group assessment的机会,这是我人生第一次group assessment,让我有机会亲身感受德勤office的工作氛围和气氛,让我真正体念到了团队合作的重要性和技巧性,让我有机会结交新的7位朋友,让我有机会总结自己group assessment的不足和优点,让我对团队工作方式有了更加正确的认识。  同时,我也想借此机会向贵公司提点意见,从我贴胸牌的那一刻起,胸牌就不断地掉,我想是不是我太紧张连我的胸前纸牌也受不了拼着命想溜啊,讨论过程中我不断地压着它,它还是趁机逃跑了好多次,为了把它抓回来,我连掉在地上的铅笔也忘了捡,最后还是我们的manager捡起来的。回到学校后,我又试了下别的粘性物质,发现我的衣服根本粘不住,在此我能否建议贵公司能否将粘性纸牌换成其他形式,比如立体纸牌摆在会议桌上,这样队友更能清楚地看到互相的名。以防1%的可能出现我这种情况。您觉得呢?  再次感谢贵公司给我group assessment 的机会,让我终生难忘,希望有机会跟您进行更深的交流!  此致  敬礼  武娜  20xx年xx月15日  dear lisa:  i'm sorry to take up your time, i'm wuna, fromxx university of foreign studies, who had took part in the group assessment with the period of 8:50 on 14th november 15, XX。maybe you can’t figure what i look like, i wonder if you have an impression that there was a candidate whose name card often dropped onto the floor, then i was just that candidate。  to begin with, please allow me to thank your company of giving me the opportunity for group assessment。 honestly speaking, this was the first group assessment in my life。 i’m very pleasured that i have the opportunity to experience the working place and atmosphere of dtt, the opportunity to make new friends with my 7 teammates, the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork skills, the opportunity to review my weak points and strong points and enhance my understanding of teamwork , all of which i appreciate very much  meanwhile, would you mind that i make a suggestion here, from the moment i stuck the name card on my chest, it began to drop onto the floor, i wonder maybe i was too nervous that even this lovely name card could not stand it, when i got back to my dorm, i tested with other sticky things, it was found that my coat material refused to stick anything, so would you mind my suggestion to replace sticky name card with other ways in case for the 1% possibility of my case, for example, maybe we can use a name card displayed on the roundtable, and also it is more convenient for the teammates to know each other。 how do you think?  thanks again for the chance your company given me to participate this group assessment, which i will keep in my mind throughout my life。 i hope we can have an opportunity for further communications。  best wishes to you and deloitte sincerely  yours sincere  wuna  20xx-xx-15subtitle">关于中英文拜访感谢信模板sub-info" id="sub3">2017中英文感谢信(3) | 返回目录  dear ------,  we are very honored to receive your invitation to call on your company on wednesday afternoon, september 1st, 20--. please accept our sincere thanks.  during the visit, we had a preliminary and necessary communication on the basic items and related information of mutual cooperation . we now have a better understanding of your needs and will soon submit another proposal for your approval. we expect to have it ready by _________ again, thank you for the pleasant visit.  yours sincerely,  -----------(名)  -----------(头衔)  尊敬-----------,  我们非常荣幸获得您的邀请,于20--年--月--日星期--下午拜访了贵公司,在此请您接受我们由衷的谢意。  这次访问,我们就彼此合作的基本事项和信息进行初步的必要的沟通。我们现已进一步了解了您的需求,并将很快向您呈上一份新的提议,供您批阅,预计该提议将于______前完成。  再次感谢您为我们安排的这次愉快的访问。  此致,  -----------(名)  -----------(头衔)subtitle">酒店感谢信中英文范文sub-info" id="sub4">2017中英文感谢信(4) | 返回目录×××酒店餐饮部×××:您好!感谢您给与我公司的合作。在合作期间您所提供的完美体贴的服务和美味的食品,都给我们留下了深刻的印象。在此,我公司特别向您和您所领导的餐饮部员工致以最真诚的谢意。同时对贵公司×××、×××、×××员工的全力配合表示衷心感谢。感谢贵公司对我们工作的支持和帮助。祝万事如意北京×××公司日期:××-××-××××Dear Head Master of F & B Department:First of all, we thank you for the perfect service and providing delicious foods, which give us a deep impression for everything you done. Here, our company specially thanks you and your team, and sends the best regards and the most sincere gratitude to all of you. At the same time, we specially thank an outstanding employee ------ ×××whom gave the most cooperation during the events.At the end, we sincerely thank for the all supports from you and your colleagues.Millions of thanks!Your SincerelyBeijing ××× Co., Ltd.Date: ××-××-××××更多文章离职感谢信中英文版本文地址:转载请注明来源。原文地址: